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April Grace Baker is a long-time vegan and animal welfare activist.  Every minute of her day and everything she does is centered around helping animals, and that's why she bakes cruelty-free.  And BAKE she does!!

The first of her kind to make scrumptious vegan baked goods, April has been creating old-fashioned goodness long before vegan became mainstream.  To this day, we have found no better cupcakes, cookies, pies, fudge or caramels better than April's.  And no one else has either.  There are a lot of hats in the ring these days -- and we applaud them all -- but April's baked goods are truly authentic and take the cake :).

April is devoted to her husband Mark, also a long-time vegan, and her rescue animals, whom she considers family members.  Though she is very kind, April has little tolerance these days for folks who still eat animals yet know better.

April splits her time between her home in Washington and her studio in Portland, the city she loves.

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