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One-of-a-kind Thankgiving Totes, with image on one side, inspired by the sometimes painful feelings a compassionate vegan experiences during this brutal season. 

We know -- we live it too.....the constant barrage of turkey images as food, and the excruciating pile-up of carcasses in grocery stores, leaves the caring person feeling unarmed and reluctant to go grocery shopping because of the heavy burden of others' pain.


These totes are meant to provide a bit of strength to nice vegans thrust into a world of animal eaters, helping you to voice your opinion without having to converse with mean people.  Maybe you can even get a bit of shopping done now!


Good luck!  We will be with you in spirit. ❤️


Shipped in a 100% compostable bag.


  • Canvas
  • Zipper closure on inside flap pocket
  • Machine Washable
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE MATERIAL- made from 12oz high-quality canvas. They are heavy-duty, durable, sturdy, can be reused and recycled, environmentally friendly.
  • SIZE- 15” (height) X 16” (width) X 4” (depth); Handle Length 28”

Anti-Meat Message Totes ~ 15 style options

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