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3.3 oz cubes

Our melts are hand-poured in small batches, using very high quality Essential Oils (EOs) and/or Fragrance Oils (FOs) and a very pure, clean soy wax.


Vegan and Eco-Friendly


  • Our frosted packaging bags are compostable and biodegradable.
  • Our glitter is made from plants, not plastic, and is biodegradable and melts in rainwater.
  • Our soy wax is clean, pure and vegan.
  • Our essential oils are pure and our fragrance oils are vegan.
  • Everything is vegan, as we are. ❤️

Melts are a great way to test out which scents you like before investing in a more expensive candle. Have you ever spent a lot of money on a candle, only to receive it and say, "I don't like that scent." 

I have.


Wax melts are a great alternative to candles if you have pets.  I know when I had cats, I was afraid to light a candle.  If you're trying to avoid candles because of the flame, you can still get the same benefits of a great scent by using wax melts, without the scary part of a burning wick. 🕯 


Just break off a piece (or pieces) of our snap bar and safely warm and melt the fragrant wax in your favorite wax melter, electric or otherwise. You can keep doing this repeatedly, even after the wax has melted and hardened again, until the scent fades.


Colors and designs may vary a bit as I hand pour these and am  learning along the way. 🤓


I want to thank my friend Toni for introducing me to wax melts and getting me excited about making them. 

It has been fun and I am very grateful.


The Beach Days and Coconut scents go well together.  Get a bar of each and melt them together.

Creme Brûlée is our best seller. It makes your whole house smell like you're baking something really yummy.

For a real clean scent, try the Rosemary Lemon Verbena Mint (RsmryLemnVerbenaMint).  It's made with our own blend of strong essential oils and smells great. Lemongrass is very cleansing too but a bit softer. 

And I haven't tried mixing these two together yet, but I bet the Chocolate Drizzle and the Peppermint essential oil wax melts would be a good pair to burn together. favorite.  Soft and mixes well with others.


Please check back. We are always adding more scent options.



Soy Wax Melts ~ Cubes

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