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***Don't forget to purchase your handmade gift card separately.***


Separate addresses require separate orders. 


We pack our decadent gift fudge into a black shiny box with beautiful fluffy crinkle cut fill.  Choose between a silver or red ribbon to go around the fudge tin.


What's in the box:  One 8-oz tin of Creamy Rich Dark Chocolate Fudge ~ Handmade in small batches, packed into a window tin 4" x 2-3/4".
Our deep dark chocolate fudge is reminiscent of what our grandmothers used to make, but without the chalkiness. Just super rich and creamy.  No aftertaste of rice syrup.  We don't use rice syrup!  We use super quality old-fashioned ingredients.

Our fudge does not have to be refrigerated, but we think it's better if it is.


Our chocolate is imported from Italy and is the best April has ever tasted.

Gift Box of one 8 oz tin-Dark Chocolate Fudge-13 Flavor Options-4"x 2-3/4"

    • Organic
    • Vegan
    • Naturally Gluten Free
    • Fair Trade
    • Non-GMO
    • No Preservatives
    • No Trans Fats
    • No Cholesterol
    • Shelf life: 2 weeks without refrigeration.  Longer if refrigerated.

    Made with Love, Momma's Dark Chocolate Fudge is named after our rescue cat Momma Snort :)


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