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***We no longer ship to Jamestown, Tennessee.***

See our Statement on Donations video, listed with the pictures. 

We've created these hearty cookies for your favorite pigs, formulated with healthy, nutritious, pig-friendly ingredients:

Bob's Red Mill organic flour, Bob 's Red Mill organic whole oats, organic pumpkin purée, and much more, like organic cinnamon and allspice (antioxidents).

And the peppermint cookies are good for pigs' tummies. 


Shipping is low so you can send these fun cookies to pigs at the sanctuary of your choice as a thoughtful and caring gift. 
These cookies are made to order and packed into a reusable, now recycled, plastic 6" jar. 
Don't forget to tell us what you would like us to hand-write on the cute enclosed handmade pig gift card. 

Baked in a proprietary vegan kitchen by April Grace herself, food-licensed in the State of Oregon.

Comfort Cookies for the Pigs!

    • All of our products are 100% vegan.  That includes no honey.
    • All ingredients are organic and non-GMO. 
    • No Trans Fats.
    • No Cholesterol.
    • Pig cookies are human grade and delicious. 
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