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It's finally here!  The handcrafted popcorn mix that we continually sell out of in our store is now available for shipping.


April hand-blends Peloma Tres Colores popcorn with her proprietary blend of spices that includes dried rosemary, red hot chili flakes, organic California onion powder, and more.  Then she adds organic pumpkin seeds to give the finished product an extra crunch when popped.

It's a recipe that is asked for over and over again!  But it's a secret.  That's why we can't list all of the spices here ;)


Each batch is made to order and packaged in a wide-mouth mason jar.

For extra spicy, ask for more hot chili flakes in the mix at checkout.


Best if popped in roasted peanut oil or unrefined coconut oil, but any of your favorite oils will be great.  Cover the corn with oil in a pan, just like regular popcorn, and be sure to pop until there are 4 seconds between pops.

April’s Spicy Popcorn Mix

  • If you don't love this popcorn, we will gladly refund the entire amount of your purchase, including shipping!

We are shipping fudge and caramels now!

Local orders for pick-up or delivery can be placed
Sunday through 
Thursday noon for fulfillment on Friday and Saturday.

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